Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Truth is...

The truth is a key to unlocking understanding--
it remains true, whether or not we believe in it.

antique keys.

Truth is, I don't think Bruno Mars would literally catch a grenade for anyone, unless whoever threw it forgot to pull the pin.
Truth is, even then I think he would run away screaming like a little girl.
Truth is, grenades are serious business, Bruno, and this is no time for music and games.

Truth is, there is a Switzerland-shaped hole in my heart that I'm not sure will ever heal.
Truth is, I'm not sure I want it to.

Truth is, I love my new bathing suit, even though there has been a marked increase in the ladies at the pool asking if my 8 year old brother is my son.
Truth is, it probably does make me look like his mother.
Truth is, I don't actually care.

Truth is, I am up far too late due to downing two glasses of ice tea at an unacceptable hour for caffeine consumption.
Truth is, I should regret it.
Truth is, I don't because my iced tea is so magical, they should teach a course on it at Hogwarts.

Truth is, I'm far too old to reference Harry Potter as frequently as I do.

Truth is, seeing my little sister go off to her last year of college was harder than I thought.
Truth is, my siblings are like pieces of me I didn't know I needed but can't really live without.
Truth is, I'm not very good at telling them that.

Truth is, I'm more comfortable hiding in the deep end of a pool of written words then looking anyone in the eyes and telling them what I think.

Truth is, I have a serious shopping problem.
Truth is, we should go back to the time when goats and chickens were used as currency because I don't have any of those.
Truth is, then credit cards would finally be useless.

Truth is, I secretly like it when I get roped into helping my dad because I like the conversations we have while we're working.

Truth is, you're reading this hours and hours after I actually wrote it because I was too embarrased to admit how late I was awake.
Truth is, inspiration is a fickle mistress and won't let me sleep until I've heard what she has to say.
Truth is, I've already written two letters and this blog post and she still won't quit.

Truth is, I haven't been this productive at this hour since college.
Truth is, I miss those days.

Truth is, I'm going to regret this in the morning.

Truth is, it's a good thing I slept with the window open because if it hadn't been for the lawn mowers at dawn, I never would have gotten up on time.


  1. I love this post...and every other one for that matter! But this one is more loved!!

  2. Truth is, I love you.
    Truth is, I already miss you.
    Truth is, this is the way it's supposed to be and I know you'll keep true and be happy because that is who you are.
    ~Always, your biggest fan

  3. truth is, you almost made me cry in a computer lab full of people.
    truth is, I should have known when you left for college and I cried all the way home after spending labor day weekend with you that it wouldn't be the first time that I would feel like you were leaving me, even though I've done my fair share of leaving and even though I'm happy for both of us and where we're going and I'm thankful for all 22 years we lived in the same house and played Barbies and and fought when I asked to borrow too much of your stuff and laughed when we gave Sam lemon juice instead of lemonade and even though we're different as night and day and hamburgers and steak, distance won't change anything except we might not play Barbies anymore.
    truth is, that last one probably didn't make sense and my words are a whole lot less eloquent, but because you're my sister, you know what I mean.


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