Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I'm all about the list posts, so here's another one. I first spotted this on Rainy Saturday, who got it from Roots and Rings. That's the blog life, folks. One big share circle.

5.17.11 This is a photo edition of Ten on Tuesday. Post a photo of each of the following:

1. Your favorite piece of furniture in your home

My white wicker dresser with the matching mirror and bedside table. When I was ten, Pier 1 Imports was my favorite store. I saw this set there and fell in love. Oh how I begged and begged.  Much to my surprise (and delight!), I came home from school one day to find it in my bedroom.

2. Your favorite thing on your wall
My fictional Civil War husband and fellow Urban Outfitters lover sent me this giant canvas print for my birthday last year. Thanks Horace/Jilly.

3. Your bed as it looks right now

I have trouble making my bed. Ever. So I'd be lying if I showed you anything but this. Even though, out of guilt, I totally made it after taking the picture.

4. Your pantry.

I currently live with my parents, so here's my mom's. (Don't be mad, it's organized!)  Things you learn about my family from this picture: apparently we store the onions in the crock pot. Good to know. Also, based on the number of kid cereals, there is clearly a 7-year old in residence. Actually, my personal pantry would probably look the same. Cereal is at the top of my personal food pyramid.

5. Your favorite piece of jewelry

Watches. always. My favorite is my gray Swatch (duh, it's Swiss), but I have a terrible feeling it is lost in Massachusetts because I haven't seen it since then. So here is my next favorite: a rad stripey Target timepiece.

6. Your favorite book

Let's be real. Picking a favorite book is like a mother picking a favorite child. Secretly she has one, but doesn't want to share for fear of hurting the others' feelings. So here's a stack of recent favorites:
Leaves of Grass (poetry)
The Mind of the South (nonfiction)
cupcakes! (recipes)
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (the most unclassic of Austen remakes)
Old Friends and New Fancies (the original Austen spinoff)

7. Your most comfortable shirt
 Worst picture ever? yes. It is impossible to successfully photograph the back of oneself.  But this is the shirt my Swiss brothers made me. They put their hand prints on it and their mother wrote "Ton Fan-Club" (your fan club) above and their names below (Levio and Nolan). On the front it has the Swiss cross. adorable!

8. Your messiest room

If we're being honest, it's my brother's "man cave" in the basement. But in an effort to keep the peace, here is my desk in artful disarray.  Your secret is safe with me, Sam.

9. Your house shoes
The comfiest slippers you'll ever find. A gift from my dear cousin, to warm my feet on that cold English afternoon.

10. Yourself
 ::enthusiastic wave:: what a dork.


  1. Hi!!! You don't know me and I don't know you but you know my sis in Switz and your cousin married one of my childhood friends....so anyway I happened upon your blog and have enjoyed 'getting to know you' here! :) Take care! Laura

  2. love your blog and the smiles it brings to my face....Rach

  3. I always have to stop myself from stealing your blogs (and life decisions) immediately after you've done them.

    I call it my five-second rule. I can't put off my plagiarism both in the blog world--and incidentally in the garden world as well--any longer.

    You are my life coach. The check is in the mail. The check of course is me just doing everything you do, put not as cool. Like the age old Eric Bana/Edward Norton debate.

    And of course it's not in the mail. It's just in my heart.

    Loved this blog. Loved that watch. Loved your glasses. Loved your unmade bed (mine has like also become a storage unit--cheaper rent, man).


  4. Very nice! I forgot all about Ten on Tuesday yesterday but I may have to do it a day late because it's a fun one this week.

  5. I am sad that my photo of roland b downs did not make it as your comfiest shirt. but happy i get to see your face on friday, friday, fridaayyy

  6. @Laura - Nice to 'meet' you! Yes, I know Marc and Anna and Norman. Also I met Karen and your dad at Christmas! I'm a huge fan; lovely people the lot of them. :) Hope to meet you in real life one day!

    @Rachel - thanks. would love to see you all someday soon!

    @julieeez - you tear up that check right now. this is a codependant relationship of life inspiration. your thoughts are my thoughts and vice versa. i bow at the feet of your prose. enough of this, let's move in together already.

    @Amy - thanks for the idea! yeah, loved the topic this week, that's what got me started

    @Jillian - you leave Roland J Downs out of this. He is still ashamed after appearing on Facebook.


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