Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Day in the Life: February 2014

A Day in the Life: A Linkup by Break the Sky

This post is part of the series of a monthly linkup hosted by Manda at Break the Sky, where bloggers record a day in their life.

Friday, February 7, 2014
(aka Spencer's 11th Birthday)

// 7:30 am 

In which I woke up after a terrible night to day three of a bad cold/the plague, feeling worse instead of better. So grumpy.

This is a new thing I just started called the 20% selfie. 20% is all you get to see of me on a sick day.

// 8:00 am

In which I dragged myself downstairs but stopped in the living room to admire the sun coming up in the backyard.

// 8:30 am

In which I made breakfast. Orange juice, tea, and hot oatmeal with walnuts and dried cranberries. Also read a really boring article about a settlement in a hip replacement lawsuit. 

// 10:00 am

In which I considered all the things I needed to do and eschewed them in favor of going back to bed. Apparently making and consuming food took all my strength.

// 12:00 pm

In which I woke up again, this time to the thump of my little brother landing on my bed. Much to his disappointment, Spencer had yet another snow day and so instead of getting to see his friends and eat birthday doughnuts, he was stuck at home.  Fortunately his mother was willing to brave the bitter temperatures to take him to DD's and Target for a treat. He came home and burst into my room to show me the present he picked out for himself. 

I'm glad he still loves to play with Legos. Don't grow up too fast, bud.
// 1:00 pm

In which I felt revived enough to shower, dress, and have lunch. Reheated the previous night's dinner of a super yummy cashew-based vegan soup poured over roasted potatoes. I must have my mom type up the recipe, it's amazing. It manages to taste both creamy and cheesy without containing either of those ingredients!

// 1:45 pm

In which I baked dark chocolate cupcakes for Spencer's birthday.

// 3:00 pm

In which I too braved the arctic chill to run errands, including a completely necessary stop at Michael's craft store for color exposure therapy.*

*Not a real therapy, but it should be.  Studies that I made up have shown that it improves your mood.

// 5:00 pm

In which I returned home, stopping to admire the massive piles of snow in various parking lots.  Indiana hasn't had mountains like this since the Ice Age.

// 6:30 pm

In which my other brother Sam arrived home for the weekend and we ate Spencer's birthday dinner of choice. Which was pizza so that surprised no one.

// 7:15 pm

In which I taught Sam how to make a simple vanilla buttercream for Spencer's cupcakes. He did an awesome job.  Then I showed him my new and improved piping techniques.

// 8:00 pm
In which we sang "Happy Birthday" to Spencer, but didn't actually eat any cupcakes because they were for his birthday party the following day.

// 8:15 pm

In which I observed a rousing match of Yu-Gi-Oh! It appears to be some sort of magical card game involving dragons and other mythical creatures with names like "Old Man Dentures" and "Abe the Monkey Man". I learned nothing.

// 9:30 pm

In which I fell asleep, lights on, book in hand like an old person. Thanks, sickness.


  1. Ok- Spencer's 11! Happy (belated) Birthday!!
    Would love to see that soup recipe. Is it a green curry?
    Great- now I'm hungry for a good ooops pizza and cupcakes....

  2. Love the selfie ;)

    The copious amount of baked goods in this post makes me wish I had picked up baking ingredients at the store so I could bake cookies, like, right now. Send me one of those dark chocolate cupcakes?? :D


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