Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pennsylvania and One Hundred Pictures of the Sky

Recently my brother and I took a quick trip to eastern Pennsylvania to spend a much needed weekend hanging out with friends. It's been an age since I hopped in the car for a good old road trip and it was only a couple of hours in when I remembered why. 

I have the world's tiniest bladder.

Seriously. I'm like an old man with a prostate problem. 
I'm sorry for sharing, it's just, if you ever want to take a trip with me, you should probably know that.
Bathroom stops aside, it was a lovely drive. Sam doesn't let too many people between him and the driver's seat of his beloved car, so I did zero percent of the driving. But I didn't mind. We listened to Stuff You Should Know podcasts and I took pictures of the sky.

And the tunnels that cut through the mountains. 

We got there on Friday evening and it was a relief to pile out of the car and sit around a crackling fire and catch up under the stars. We told stories and jokes and riddles and laughed until my eyes were crossing from fatigue. 

Saturday morning we feasted on eggs, bacon, and pancakes and spent an idyllic few hours at a nearby park.  There was a slack line for the balance-inclined. I tried it, but only when no one was watching. 

It wasn't long before an ultimate frisbee game broke out. This was team strategy time. All eyes on Erik: we play this for real or we don't play, ya dig?

I dig, bro. But I don't play. Volleyball is more my jam. 

But let's not kid ourselves, my main thing is lying in the shade, watching the clouds roll by. Bryan, Jenny, and Kelly know what's up.

And making clover blossom bracelets. Obviously.

And making sure everyone stayed hydrated, because I'm always the "mom" in these group hangouts. 
Good boy, Brian. 

We lazed the rest of the afternoon sun away by the side of a friendly neighbor's pool. Pretty cool guy to let 25 random people hang out in his pool. 

Then we piled around the fire pit for supper and a few rounds of Mafia. If you've never played this party game, I'm not sure you should start. It's weirdly addicting and can be crazy frustrating depending on who or how you play it. If you care to know more, here's a Wikipedia article on it. 

The key to enjoying it is remembering that it is just a game.

Said the person who usually "dies" early and spends most of the game in the grass, watching people take it way too seriously.

On Sunday after some good fellowship, we ate a hearty lunch together and said our goodbyes.
But not before taking some "family photos".

This is Allie and Erik, my mom and dad.

This is Allie and I, hanging out in the flowers for some glamour shots. 
Or something. Still not sure what Erik was going for here...

Ok but really, let me take a good picture of you guys.  Followed by an old fashioned "casually hanging out on the stairs" photo. Just kidding. Who does that?

Whatever, they're awesome and together we laughed our faces off. Along with the rest of these cool guys.

(group shot stolen from Jennie)

And then, reluctantly, Sam and I headed for home.

And I took a hundred more pictures of the sky and the road.

Je ne regrette rien. 

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