Friday, May 31, 2013

A Summary of May

Hello my dears, are you having a good day? I hope so. I am beyond excited because as I write this my brother is on his way home from Texas with our sister in tow! I can’t wait to all hang out. This is one of the last times we will all be together for what I’m assuming will be a while, as my brother is moving to Ohio for grad school at the end of June.

I haven’t had time to sit down and finish one of the 16 posts I have started in the last month (spastic much?) so until then, I thought I’d share a whole bunch of Instagram photos to show you some cheerful moments from the month of May:
Above, left to right: Cheeky marketing material from Madewell, my parents on an 18 mile bike ride organized by the city, and a homemade loaf of the best bread of all time.  The bottom two photos are from a Sunday evening stop in Berne, Indiana, which contains elements from the original Berne in my dear Switzerland, including the insignia of Vaud, my former canton. ...sigh...oh les souvenirs...
Top: Me with the sweet and smiley Alaina and a massive ice cream that I wasn't able to finish by myself but was oh so delicious.
Bottom: Banana Cinnamon Cupcakes made for a coworker's birthday (they were delicious!) and my brother and I on his graduation day.

 Top row: coral flats to brighten up a gloomy day, my favorite kind of Beetle, and the beginnings of my container garden
Middle row: a bug's eye view of the grainery behind my office, enjoying some cherries on my lunch break, and some quirky new duds from a recent shopping trip
Bottom row: a random abandoned house that I wouldn't mind buying and fixing up, yes there's a lion head guarding my bookshelf (I got him here), and in an unusual burst of fashion-consciousness, the outfit I wore to my brother's graduation ceremony.

So it's not much, but it's been a good month. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. Nice photos! Glad you had a good May!

  2. woooo I love this nice to see snippets of your life yummy and colourful :-) I really loved and want to comment properly on your things im bad at/things im good at posts but will have to be when I have more than 2 minutes to blog browse.... :-S ahhh the joys of student life!

    1. thanks dear. oh don't worry, I remember those days well. After studying and writing papers, there is no more mental energy to string any other words together. I was absolutely terrible at even writing my own blog then, never mind commenting on others. :)

  3. and also is that sweet little girl really called Alaina???!! and spelled the same way?? wow thats a first time ever for me :-)

    1. yes! she's one and a half & the only other Alaina I've ever met as well, spelled exactly the same! now my memory may be faulty but isn't your middle name Rose? Because so is hers. :) I'm not sure where her parents picked up the name, I'll have to ask!

  4. Lovely pictures :)
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