Monday, March 25, 2013

Things That Aren't Real Problems But Annoy Me Anyway

(via my mom's Instagram)

LOL @ spring, you guys. This picture was taken from the side of the front porch just a few hours ago. Surprisingly all this snow just a few days before Easter doesn't bother me. Maybe because I had such a nice relaxing weekend, I feel like nothing is going to faze me today, not even the fact that it’s Monday. Or that it’s snowing like Mother Nature forgot how to quit winter.

Anyway, as usual social media is blowing up with all sorts of weather complaints so I thought I’d join in on the action. But since the weather doesn’t really get to me, here are a few other things that aren’t exactly ruining my life but bother me anyway.

+ Wildly inaccurate and mildly offensive chain emails. I don't know how frequently you think this happens but rest assured I'm not going to accept perfume samples from men who approach me at the gas station. obviously. Also, 9/11 was not an inside job, how is it that you will not believe literally any legitimate source of news but you'll take the word of some guy whose Yahoo username is ladykillah45? I MEAN REALLY.

+ People on their smartphones while driving. Put that away before you kill someone. What on earth is so important that you have to tweet while doing 70 on the freeway? Answer: nothing. That's right Jimmy, bonus points to you for answering so quickly.

+ Anyone who ignores basic email etiquette. This includes but is not limited to:
     - TYPING IN ALL CAPS, regardless of the need or level of perceived importance.
     - Hitting Reply All to every. thing.
     - Misspelling my name in an email when my email address is seriously just my entire name spelled out right there for you. Like, call me "Elle Carholts" one more time and watch me straight up ignore all future correspondence.

+ Feeling alert after 6 hours of sleep but tired and draggy after 7 or 8 when that is clearly the optimal amount of time. How does that even make sense, circadian rhythm.

+ The fact that I will always and forever have to Google how to spell 'rhythm'.

+ That feeling when you think there's just enough milk left for your bowl of cereal but there isn't and you've already committed to pouring.  Do you get weird and add cream? Water? Suck it up and eat a bowl of mostly dry cereal with a few gently moistened flakes at the bottom? These are the things that keep me up at night.

+ When you travel and forget half of your phone charger. Yes I said half. What is the deal with chargers these days, why does the cord need to be separate from the actual plug-into-the-wall bit?

+ When the washer and dryer end a cycle at vastly different times even though I set them for the same amount of time and press the start buttons simultaneously. I get so mad at science when that happens. I'm like, "ARGH. SCIENCE!"

+ Wearing tights. That is the single reason I am ready for winter to get up and move on. They are so. uncomfortable. One Saturday I spent the whole morning just struggling to put a pair on.  It was so tiring, I had to take a small nap at the end to regain my strength. And don't even try to talk to me if I've been wearing them all day. Crabbit as a bag of weasels.
Was this productive or encouraging? No. But do I feel a modicum of satisfaction for ranting? Yes.
Well then, mission accomplished.

So what about you? Anything besides the weather really stuck in your craw? (What a weird expression...)


  1. Dear Elle oops I mean Ellie,
    Thank you for the laugh this afternoon! I understand that your list of complaints is very serious business and I'm not laughing at your problems. The way they were shared tickled my funny bone or maybe it's just because Raph is in China for the week and I'm home alone with 3 bickering children that your post had me forget my problems for a moment! :-)Thanks my dear. By the way, we too have snow in CH.

    1. haha thanks Julie, no these aren't really *real* problems but sometimes it just feels good to complain, you know? I'm sure the kids are just ready for spring like the rest of us...tell them hello for me! Hope Raph gets home safe and you all have a restful weekend. Can't wait to see you all this summer!
      Can you use the email me link on the side of my blog? I want to have your email address so I can let you know when I've booked my flights and we can figure out a good time for me to stop by!

  2. When my students KEEP ASKING how old I am. OBVIOUSLY, I passed SOME kind of test to be standing in the front of the room wearing a badge that says SUBSTITUTE ... sigh. I have many more, but they all have to do with grammar and instead of listing them, I'm going to go eat ice cream. Amen.

    1. Yes, ice cream is always the better choice. I have plenty of nit-picky grammar things too but I know everyone gets tired of people who rant about grammar so I left them out. That's funny, I'm sure Sam runs into the same thing. For some reason, being relatively short only makes it worse.

  3. Heheheh!!! Amen sistah to pretty much the whole bunch of them!! :)

    1. :) Hi Laura, hope you've been well!


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