Thursday, December 29, 2011

French Songbirds

I found myself with a few days off and a plane ticket (thanks Dad) so I'm in Indiana for a last minute trip home. The weather is much more like winter here, with 30 degree temps and actual snow on the ground. On  days like these when the wind is cold and the sun refuses to leave its shroud of clouds, I find my heart is lightened by the sweet voices of French songstresses. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Emily Loizeau - "L'autre Bout Du Monde" ("The Other Side of the World")

This song is a beautiful poem of longing to see again someone who is gone forever.:

Sur la rivière il pleut de l'orOn the river it rains gold
Entre mes bras je serre ton corpsIn my arms I hold your body
Tu es làYou are there
À l'autre bout du mondeOn the other side of the world
Je te rejoins quand je m'endorsI rejoin you when I fall asleep
Mais je veux te revoir encoreBut I want to see you again
Où est ilWhere is it
L'autre bout du monde ?The other side of the world?

and of course, the famous & beautiful Carla Bruni -"Le toi du moi" ("The you of me") of my favorite's a sweet little ditty of comparisons:

"Toi le citron et moi le zeste 
Je suis le thé, tu es la tasse 
Toi la guitare et moi la basse 

Je suis la pluie et tu es mes gouttes 
Tu es le oui et moi le doute 
T'es le bouquet je suis les fleurs 
Tu es l'aorte et moi le coeur "

"You the lemon and me the zest
I am the tea, you are the cup
You the guitar and me the bass

I am the rain and you are my drops
You are the 'yes' and me the doubt
You are the bouquet, I am the flours
You are the aorta and me the heart"

For other lovely voices, check out the stylings of Coralie Clément, Zazie, and Élodie Frégé.

Bisous, mes chères! ;)

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  1. I have observed that despite all the cracks about your dad being the poster-boy of the family...he actually is a pretty phenomenal guy (yeah, I mean you, Uncle Ross!). Glad you get time at home with your family...there just ain't nothing like it.
    Also, thanks for the french songstress suggestions, I do like Carla Bruni, and now I can add some more to my collection!


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