Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Bonjour mes amies! Another long absence, my apologies. The months of July and August are fraught with travels and little to no Internet access. I still have stories about the trip to share, I haven't forgotten! For now, here is our regularly scheduled programming.

Things I love today....

(1) Sewing - Ok, this is a little premature.  I haven't sewed since I was in high school when I used to make quilted purses for myself and my friends and I loved it then.  I'm about to attempt it again.  Today I went and bought the pattern, fabric, and thread to make a skirt.  I figure a skirt is the single easiest item to sew, as it is simply (in theory) a circle of fabric.  With the help of my dear mother and her trusty Singer, I'm hoping that the "2 hour pattern" I chose really only takes 2 hours. It may end in tears and a pile of mangled fabric, but we're hoping for the best.

(2) Awesome and random images found on the web.

 ^^I want to be that guy.                                                                    ^^Thanks for this, Jilly.

(3) Vitamin String Quartet - They do classical compositions of modern songs. A while ago I posted a video of the LXD dancing to their version of Coldplay's "Yellow".  Today I discovered they have an entire album covering Lady Gaga songs.  Normally, I highly dislike Lady Gaga and everything she stands for, but her music is sonically pleasing once you remove her from the equation. Check out their cover of "Bad Romance".

Ahhh.  Makes me want to enjoy a cup of tea and then possibly a lively quadrille with Mr. Darcy.

(4) Conversations with the elderly - I promise I'm not setting up a joke about old people.  While I was in New Hampshire, I met an 87-year old man named Fred. He told me about his life and all the things he has lived through, including being drafted into WWII.  He had been coming to that particular place every year for 71 years.  I don't know what prompted him to introduce himself to me but I was so glad he did.  Too often I take older people for granted, consumed with people my own age and my own problems.  Aside from his family, almost everyone Fred knew his whole life has passed away, including his wife Blanche and his twin brother.  How hard it must be to come back to a place where you once knew everyone only to be surrounded by new, younger faces who don't share the same memories.  He sits on a bench and watches life move around him, now more of a spectator than a participant. Makes you think about your own life.  I'm thankful for my chat with Fred and the unspoken reminder to better appreciate the old folks.

  • Church convention
  • Pancakes with fresh blueberries for dinner. yuuuum.
  • Sleeping in a tent
  • Making Starburst wrapper chains like I did when I was 12
  • Making new friends
  • Reconnecting with old ones
  • my Larousse pocket dictionary
  • The illustrated guide to a PhD. Keep me humble, Sam.
  • La moulade by Henri Matisse. Someday I will have a large sunny living room, where a print of this will hang on the wall.
How's your Thursday?


  1. Could "that particular place" be, oh I don't know, Milford, perhaps?? :)
    I'm glad you didn't forget about us Thursday-followers this week!

  2. I cannot express in words what a bright spot your posts are in my world of conversations with dull and boring people I spend 10 hours talking to at work. Your humor and insight are ever refreshingly unique. OH....and there's a gal Lissie who does a cover of bad romance that I like WAY better than that gaga lady's version.

  3. I was going to skip the commenting this time but that part about your visit with Fred got me. I'll bet you made his day. :)
    You want a French/English pocket dictionary??? Just thought I'd ask. I have one no one wants...

  4. @Adam yes it was Milford :)

    @Jami: thank you dear cousin. I appreciate the compliment.

    @Anita haha thanks but I have not one but THREE french/english dictionaries. I think I'm good for now!

  5. ;) Well lucky for both of us then, I found a home for that dict just yesterday!


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