Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Weekend

Well my dears, I think I did a good job of breathing a little more life into the old blog this week, eh? Can't promise the posts will be this bountiful in the coming weeks but as life becomes a bit more ordered, I'll be able to spend the time I want and need into creating and sharing in my little corner of the Internet.

Do you have anything exciting planned for your weekend? Not me, I'm afraid.  This is the last weekend before my grandfather comes to live with my family so I will be helping to get things ready for his arrival.  In this new house, the basement is a three-bedroom apartment all on its own with a full kitchen, one and a half baths, and a washer and dryer.  Until now I've had it all to myself but I am rather looking forward to having Grampie across the "hall".

Anyway, here are some cool things I've found around the web this week:

+ Amazon is amazing all on its own but if you need help picking out a gift for your favorite hipster/design minimalist, Canopy is here to streamline that process.  If Amazon is a giant warehouse, Canopy aims to be the catalog of the coolest stuff in the store.  They have curated the best that Amazon has to offer and you can add things to your Amazon cart right from the Canopy website.  The "under $20" tab is already going to be a problem for me, I can tell. (via Refinery29)

+ One of my favorite photographers, Gray Malin, is doing this incredibly cool project featuring rainbow-colored sheep in the Australian bush.  He explained the inspiration for and meaning behind the photos over on his blog. The sneak peaks posted to Instagram are amazing and I can't wait to see the finished product.

+ In case you have an extra color ink cartridge, here is some really pretty printable gift wrap. Or you could just do like me and use the image as phone wallpaper. (via Oh Happy Day)

+Incredible chalkboard art by two random students at Columbus College of Art and Design (via Laura)

+ My bathroom is getting remodeled this summer and I can't get over these blue large scale floral wallpapered bathrooms. And that copper sink? Yes please.

+ Summer is upon us and I can't wait for all that fresh produce. As soon as I get some ripe tomatoes, I'm going to make this panzanella. (via Anthology Magazine)

+ I shared this on Facebook last week but I've got it on repeat:  check out this little girl doing an amazing cover of one of my favorite songs. I can't believe she's only seven!

Wherever you are, have a good one!


  1. Ellie Island, You're great at this! Love your internet bouquet. The song of songs ~ I love playing that one on the piano. I sung it to my hubby the day I married him ...via karaoke at the resort with a live steel drum band...I know total cliche. I'm glad too, that Grampie will have such a great neighbor!

  2. Bread salad? Where have you been alll my life?!?!?!

  3. Love that top pic! ;)
    And we would love to see pix of the new house! ;)


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