Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Day in the Life: January 2014

A Day in the Life: A Linkup by Break the Sky

Hello friends!! Today's post was prompted by Manda over at the Break the Sky.  She's hosting a monthly link-up, where bloggers can share a peek into their everyday lives. I had fun documenting my day!
Tuesday, January 14, 2014

 // 8:00 am - alarm

In which I opened my eyes, saw no conceivable reason for arising at that moment, rolled over and went back to sleep.

// 9:00 am - alarm #2

In which I opened my eyes again. Decided there was no conceivable reason why I should still be in bed, and got up.  Pondered life's questions in the shower.  Admired the monochrome color palette in my favorite corner of my bedroom.

(I had a sparkly gold starburst mirror hanging over my bed but it fell down one night and stabbed me in the head while I was sleeping so that mirror is in timeout until I'm done being angry with it, so possibly forever.)

// 9:30 am - breakfast

In which I consumed Raisin Bran, a clementine, a pot of earl grey tea (in my ADORABLE Anne of Green Gables teapot), and the daily crossword.

// 10:00 am - hair

In which I spent an amount of time (that normal people would ready themselves entirely in) attempting to copy a hairstyle I saw on Pinterest. 

Not bad, self.

// 10:30 am - dress

In which I admonished myself for having wasted most of the morning. 
If we're talking about fashion plates, I'm the blue plate special. I've got J. Crew tastes on a Target budget. #thestruggle

Button-down: Old Navy
Tshirt: Hanes
Jeans: Old Navy
Flats: Gap Outlet
Bag: ShoeDazzle

// 10:45 am - work-ish

In which I procrastinated by searching work exchange programs in Europe and then tweeting about it.  And then when that was done, I fiddled about with my resume, followed up on job applications, wrote some emails, and applied for more jobs. Finally gave in and updated my SitterCity nanny profile because desperate times, people. 

// 1:00 pm - lunch

In which I ate turkey, avocado, lettuce, and mustard on multigrain. I forgot to take a picture but it was just a sandwich so I trust you know what that looks like.

// 2:00 pm - crafts

In which I finished a couple of birthday cards and took some photos of a project for an upcoming DIY post. 
(Not sharing those because you'll see them on the blog on Friday.)

// 3:00 pm - errands

In which I stood in line at the post office for approximately 6 days, was treated to a rendition of "Endless Love" by a gentleman in sweatpants at the Dollar Tree, made it to the bank before realizing I left my check at home, and a stop at the grocery store where I discovered that I'm secretly 80 years old.

(Gluten free crackers, goat cheese, two boxes of tea, two cans of soup, a package of chicken, and FiberOne granola bars. All that's missing is the prune juice.)

// 6:00 pm - supper

In which I ate baked chicken in a salad with a roasted sweet potato half.

// 7:30 pm - Starbucks

In which I stopped by for a bit of hot chocolate, reading, planning, and hipster-y Instagram pictures. Also to distract my friend Kimberly while she was working. We may or may not have planned an entire party while she was on break. Yes we did.

// 10:00 pm - bedtime stories

In which I answered the day's question from Q & A a Day, reread parts of Relish: My Life In the Kitchen (super cool graphic memoir/cookbook), and studied Ezekiel 3.

// 11:30 pm - sleep

In which I turned out the light and thought about pleasant things so I would have good dreams.


Tell me, what did January 14th look like for you? I'd love to hear!


  1. Hey thanks for visiting my blog. Thought I'd pop in too. I love crosswords too. Cute card. I'll come back on Friday to see the finished product. :)

    1. thank you as well! Crossword lovers unite! We're not all 75 and over! :)

  2. Is that card for me?!?!? I suppose I'm the only Hattie Nell around, but one can never be too sure. If so, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    1. oooh this is awkward. That's actually for my other friend Fattie Nell, you know, the cat? The one who got a cake when she went to college? hehe just kidding. It IS your birthday tomorrow, after all! ;)

  3. I love your hairstyle! I have yet to try any Pinterest hairdos, but they always look soooooooooo pretty.

    I want that my life in the kitchen book! I am ALL about any cooking related books :D Your dinner also looks really yummy, haha.

    1. thanks! I know, I was never really into hair until Pinterest. Of course, some of the tutorials look like you need four hands to efficiently do them, but oh well...

      As for cookbooks, I think I need to try your Jamie Oliver one! All the meals look so scrumptious.

  4. That's funny... by accident, I now own that book. I got it out of the library and then it got drenched. Needless to say they don't like to shelve wrinkly books at the library so I had to buy it from them. I don't mind - the chocolate chip cookie recipe in there is pretty stellar-looking (:

    I also have the Q&A book, which I've been keeping since last year. Sometimes I miss the actual day though, so it becomes Q&A "one-month-of-entries-in-a-day"... le sigh.

    Happy Friday! (:

    1. I also want to try the homemade chai at the very beginning! And yes, I too am not quite as consistent with that book either. In fact I've owned it since 2011 so some pages have three entries and some have none. It's all very disorganized. :)

  5. Uhhh- Jan 14? I think I madly did laundry and rotated it from drying rack to radiator and generally managed it to get it to dry FASTER (life with no dryer- which I really like, actually!) and also zoomed around town looking for areplacement router/modem only to finally realize that we need a whole new internet provider. :-)

    1. Ick, sorry about the internet situation. I remember laundry abroad very well. Although one time I was in a place that had a washer/dryer combo machine that was supposed to do both things but all it ever did was sort of turn into a sauna after the wash cycle. Very ineffective. Oh well, I quite enjoying hanging things to dry! :)

  6. I'm slow catching up on old blog posts! Enjoying some of yours today! :) I'm also impressed by the variety of places in the world people are checking in from! (I'm the one from least at this point in time! ;))


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