Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

Happy New Year's Eve, my darlings. I'm sure you're all out sending off 2013 in your favorite way but I couldn't let the year close without one more post. 

I know I've lots to catch you up on but as has been my habit lately, I'm currently traveling. I haven't had proper access to a computer in awhile, in fact I'm pecking out this very post on my phone in the backseat of a truck. (It's quite tedious and I won't be making a habit of it, in case you're wondering.)
After two days on the road, I've had loads of time to think about my year. It has not been an easy one and I confess, I was all set to write it off. In an effort to be more positive, I thought I'd put together a little photo collage of my favorite moments. As I was scrolling through my pictures, it wasn't long before my attitude was adjusted. It wasn't the snapshots of flowers, cupcakes, or pretty scenery that I liked (though there were plenty of each), but the faces. Faces of friends, family, coworkers; all the people I've interacted with this year that have improved my life in some way. 

And so my photo collages got a little out of hand. 
I could write an individual post for every person pictured here but in an effort to be concise, thank you. (If it's your child that is pictured, they represent you. But squeeze your kids for me because I love them too.) Each one of you helped me through difficult days, in ways large and small. You may not even have known it at the time, but you did.  Be it a kind message, wise counsel, a funny joke, a listening ear, or even a particularly charming smile, you made my day. More than once, probably.  Thank you for that. 
There are barrels of other people to whom I owe my thanks so if you're reading this and don't see your picture, don't despair. The main reason for that is because we either haven't been together in person this year (i.e. my dear friends in other countries & those who I only know via this blog) or I do not have a picture of you on my phone. (I'm not joking, I've been in the car since yesterday morning and this post in its entirety was created on my iPhone, including the pictures.). In fact if you're reading this at all, you get my thanks, because you care enough to read about my life. 

(Or you just got lost on your way to the internet store that sells incense and Tibetan prayer flags. It wouldn't be the first time, friend. That particular site is hitherandyon.com.  Carry on!)

So if you see your face (or in your case, a cartoon dachshund, Courtney), if you're reading this, or if at the very least you've never called me "treacherous swine" (I'm looking at you, Spencer), then THANK YOU. From the bottom of my stomach. Because that is much deeper than my heart, let's be real.

2013 was not a year of great accomplishments or any groundbreaking personal discovery. But I will not remember it in measurements of tears or disappointments. I will remember it as the year I came to more deeply appreciate the value of a friend. 

Now if you've got the time, what did 2013 hold for you? I'd love to chat. 


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FACE IS ON THERE! Ellie, sincerely, you are one of my favorite things about 2013, my friend. I'm so glad you're in my life.

  2. Thanks from the stomach. Or sole. (That would be quite a feet.) I really like your blog posts--pithy and complete. Best of wishes for all you do. (I've a feeling you'll get it write.) In 2014. From your friend and more. Een.

  3. 2013 we heard at Freedom that God hasn't moved. So through all our experiences, it is a great comfort to know he's still right there. Thanks Ellie for sharing your thoughts, it helps us to reach deeper within ourselves. Love from all of us in Leesburg, IN.

  4. One of the greatest things ever was making cell phones with cameras- I love looking back through my cell phone pix- esp of people. all the best to you this next year!


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