Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Weekend

Wow the weekend couldn't come soon enough! For the last two weeks I feel like all I've had time to do at home is sleep so I am looking forward to staying in and getting caught up on projects and also do some much needed cleaning and organizing. I probably shouldn’t share this but this morning as I was getting ready for work, I noticed a pungently sweet odor coming from my closet. On the floor in a purse I forgot to clean out, I found a clementine that had shall we say, given up the ghost. I know, that’s atrocious and why would I even tell you that but friends, this is real life and sometimes we let citrus rot in our closets because we are terrible at prioritizing in our free time and “do it later” turns into “do it never”.  My point here is I really need to stop ferreting away fruit in my bags like I’m some sort of hoarder.
And also clean the floor of my closet more often.

Anyway, my deplorable habits aside, after the cleaning frenzy, I’m excited to get my crafting on in preparation for Valentine’s Day and sending out the first round of Creative Challenge gifts! What are your plans, friends?

In the meantime, here are some links I liked this week:

+ A simple but yummy recipe for homemade pop tarts inspired by our favorite pies (via A Beautiful Mess)

+ Anytime I was feeling blue this week, I just looked at this photo with the caption "Who am I?" and couldn't stop laughing. I don't know why it's so funny to me.

+ Add this to your list of places to visit: a glass beach in California (via Colossal)

+ A 23 year game of tag. The commitment in their friendship is amazing.

+ Loving the beautiful simplicity in this collection of prints. (via Note to Self)
Also, have you entered to win a 16x20 canvas from The Canvas Tree yet? I've got my eye on this one!

+ "Riverside" by Agnes Obel
AGNES OBEL - Riverside by Pias France


  1. How did a clementine even get into your closet?!

    I'm doing lots of cleaning and organizing too in preparation for Chinese New Year. Gotta make sure everything is in tip top shape before the new year rings in! I also need to file my taxes, hmm...

    1. well I always take a piece of fruit to work with me in my bag and I guess I forgot to eat this one and didn't empty out the bag before I threw it in the closet!
      yeah, isn't it a great feeling to get organized BEFORE the new year? It's the best way to start out!


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