Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Painting the States

I have a mild addiction to Pinterest. In case you have a life outside of the internet didn't know, Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board, where you can 'pin' things you find all over the internet: recipes, photos, tutorials, shopping finds, etc. Your pins are organized however you like and are a great source of inspiration for style/cooking/photography/weddings/future projects. 

Well, something finally came of my Pinterest obsession. Last week, I came across this:

Which led me to this:

WHAT. I'm all for cute art bits on Etsy. But there's a tutorial on how to make this it myself? It looked so easy, even for someone who the last time she picked up a paintbrush was to help her Dad paint the front of the garage. 

Now normally I express myself through baked goods, but after nearly three months of kitchen experimentation, my hips have sent me a cease and desist letter. Also, my bridesmaid dress recently arrived in the mail and while I love it, I had a conference with my abs and we agreed we'd like to see a little more of each other before the wedding in December.

Henceforth, I am in need of a new pastime. 

So the Pinterest find was kismet. I got myself to the nearest craft store and found a ridiculous bargain on canvases and some of those 2 oz bottles of acrylic paint. 59 cents a bottle. Not joking.  Obviously it was meant to be.

Thus armed, I began my foray into the art world.

My first attempt: our dearly beloved Indiana

Why just do one? Another of my favorite states: Massachusetts

close your mouth, stupid.

And then, because I'm having so much fun, I did an 8x10 of the whole U.S. with a heart over Indiana.

For obvious reasons, I put the 'hot' in 'hot mess'.

After all this, a normal person would pat themselves on the back and move on with their lives.  But I'm insane I have too much time on my hands to do that. And also I have a lot of favorite states. So I went back to the craft store and went a little nuts.

If anyone needs me, I'll be painting myself into kitschy, state-shaped oblivion.

At least until I go on vacation. In two days.


  1. where did you get all these canvases?! oi, I wish I was painting the states instead of living room walls.

  2. oooh! paint one for me!!! how clever you are... and as usual you make me laugh.

    Can NOT wait to see you. I'm so excited for your vacation!

  3. Amazing! Looks like so much fun!

  4. My hips thank you and my eyes thank you, too. As much as I love your cupcakes, your paintings are a delightful treat as well.
    ~your fondest fan

  5. If Adam and I had Indiana and New Jersey ones to hang in our eventual home I might not be against that.

    OR if you get bored take up sewing and make a head-dress. Bridezilla needs something to crush because Japan has really had enough lately.

  6. @Eva: Michael's! 8x10, 11x14, and 12x12. other sizes there too but those are the ones I bought

    @Christina: done! your painting is awaiting you at home. :)

    @Hattie: yes, it is a blast! miss you!

    @Mom: thanks. ;)

    @Jillian: RATS you sneaky sneakster I was going to surprise you with exactly that! but now that you've already guessed it, plz tell me what colors and canvas sizes you would choose.
    That's a no on the sewing. Tried that once and it was deeesaster.


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