Thursday, January 20, 2011

La Belle Paysage - VIDEO

Still trying to get out of my head and into a blog post. 
I don't know where my rhythm has gone or when it will come back but for the moment, I will spending lots of time outside.  The minute I step out of the house, the glimpse of sky and earth is like a breeze that clears out the clutter in my head.  

Today, took a little ride in the countryside with a small child by my side. No, this is not the start of a country song.

The village is a claustrophobic cluster of houses and barns and tractors and flower boxes but just past the horse farm, you break out into wide open fields. In the valley of the hills is the main north-south motor way of Switzerland, yet cars glide by without making any noise, respecting my need for quiet. Across the valley is a jumbled huddle of red tile roofs and the sharp peak of a clock tower, marking another village, though slightly larger. The Jura Mountains create a ring around the horizon but only when the view is not hemmed in by the fog. It's a dynamic landscape that defies description, but that doesn't stop me from trying.

Today's jaunt outdoors was a glorious excursion into the late afternoon sun.  Rather unexpectedly, it began to snow in the sunlight and everything was cast in an ethereal glow. What I can't write, I film, so what follows is a rather hastily edited video of our walk, set to a Carla Bruni tune.

A few qualifications:
1) I'm not Jean-Luc Godard so this is not cinematic greatness.
2) Filming while on a scooter, probably not the best idea. At one point I fell off. I'm sure you'll figure that out.
3) My fingers are in the shot to block the glare of the sun, which my highly-technical Flip can't handle. 4) Whatever, enjoy it.


  1. well, This made me cry! Sweet little faces (yours and hers) and the music and the scenery. It's innocent and beautiful. xo

  2. 1) I don't know who that is. 2) You did fine so far as I saw. 3) Other than that, how is our little flip doing? 4) Done! Good stuff, makes me really want to be there!!!

  3. precious baby girl, especially at 1:39. I love her bright eyes. and the music...just fabulous. hope we talk this weekend. xoxoxo

  4. thanks, ellie! cute little girl, love 1:39 and also 2:34. so sweet. enjoy!

  5. I keep watching this. It's just so sweet.

  6. ditto the others- that child is really beautiful! She looks happy to be outside.


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