Friday, December 10, 2010

Good Morning Paris

The sun has risen but has not shown its face from behind the clouds. It's just a mite chilly in Jillian's apartment but I have enough blankets to burrow in like a mole setting up for winter. Even the unexplicable construction occuring outside at 8 am is a pleasant change for my ears.

Last night I arrived after the world's most unnerving train ride (police men and drug dogs, I'll leave it at that)
and was greeted by a friendly and amusing Scotsman, who walked with me to await Jillian in her apartment. We were soon joined by Jillian and a cheerful Canadian and whiled away the evening hours with some pasta and copious amounts of tea. It was a pleasing introduction to what looks to be another fantastic weekend.

This random post is my excuse to say I wrote something this week. I'd say more but this French computer has the world's worst organized keyboard and I'm reduced to picking out the letters with two fingers like a sad overworked, underpaid 55 year old receptionist who never took a typing class. Also there is the promise of bagels if I venture outside today.

Until next time then. Start your weekend early today, I won't tell.


  1. you have a way with words.
    instead of starting my weekend early, I extended it to today. we should skype.
    much love.

  2. Adam was amused by "its a mite chilly in Jillian's apartment" because I am always whining to him that I am cold while refusing to turn the heat up.
    (Its a balmy 54° today...)

  3. Ellie, this was the blog entry that began my blog-stalking. I was almost in need of locating a public restroom when I read it (of the motherland, of course!). Just thought I'd extend a note of appreciation your day for #1 making me laugh, #2 enriching my vocabulary and syntax and #3 filling my mind such vivid and lush detail that my mind goes whirling away.

    I'm so glad we're friends. :)


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