Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things I Love This Week

So the beauty of TILTW (though clearly not the acronym) is that I can post it on Tuesday and it's totally legit. 

Note to self: in the future, try to avoid the word 'legit'. 

(1) Vitamin String Quartet cover of Switchfoot's "Dare You To Move"
I know I totally already used VSQ in a previous TiLT post but I am continually amazed at their covers. Listen to this one and you'll forgive me for a repeat.


(2) Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt. Sounds strange but the salt is like a flavor elevator for the chocolate. Your tastebuds are like, "Going up? Yes, please!"
My host mom is too good to me.

(3) Really excellent potential film plot - It was recently suggested that my time here in Switzerland is rife with potential for writing a screenplay. It involves two quirky but awesome crime fighters chasing a man on a crime spree of Swiss banks. There's a talking goat named Fitz in there too. Naturally, unintentional but hilarious hijinks ensue.*  I love it so much, I would actually pursue this for my own amusement, if I knew anything at all about writing a screenplay. Thanks for the inspiration. Feel free to leave comments with other potential plot elements. 

*Screenplay is a work of fiction and not based on real events from my life in Switzerland. Maybe.

(4) This photo of Nana and Papa
I wish I could call them up right now just to hear their voices. I also really wish they had Internet...

Points of Interest
  • Words the Dog Knows by J.R. Carpenter. Extremely well-written, entertaining book.
  • Managing to get past the language barrier to make some kids laugh by making a giraffe out of chestnuts and toothpicks. Wish I had a picture. It is the saddest most heartwarming piece of arts and crafts you ever did see. 
  • Getting real mail. I haven't actually received any but I hear it's nice....hint hint....
  • Meeting more awesome new people in one afternoon than I have in the previous weeks combined.
  • The way a horse looks when it runs
  • Plain white dinnerware. Makes the food look brighter, more interesting.
  • Having a clock on my desk specifically so I can always know what time it is back in the States
  • Plaid
  • Blog comments - means so much more than IP address footprints on my feed, thanks for all the responses last post!


  1. That song just made my day better. :o)

  2. I can call Nana & Papa and relay a message for ya if you'd like!!! Also, we can try to find a place to skype with them when we go to Freedom.. anything for you dear :) Just so you know, I skyped with BATMAN today, so next time you talk to Mom, you might want to ask if the superhero is saving the world from Tralee Court again! glad your week is already great. send us some pleasant fall weather please :)
    xo ebc

    <3 - JGG

  4. LOVE VSQ!! But I love you more (just so we're clear). :-)

  5. Awww, what a sweet pic of your Papa and Nana!. Thinking of you much Ellie! {{{HUGS}}}

  6. Well guess what, I am waiting for one more item to arrive from Amazon and you will soon have some mail! Also waiting (from Amazon) for the book you recommended; can't wait to read it. That cupcake looks heavenly!
    Let's see .... things I love:
    1. sweater weather
    2. lunch with the girls
    3. Indiana sunsets ... stretches for miles, the horizon is so wide
    4. pumpkin spice latte
    5. a good laugh
    6. and YOU (always)
    xoxo Mom

  7. i'm going to seriously try the sea salt thing on a chocolate cupcake...i believe you...just need to see for myself :o)

  8. Oh dear- I was on the metro in Warsaw, Poland, this spring. A really nice looking (face-wise anyway) girl was directly across from me... mostly dressed like a business woman... but her top was so low-cut that I'm pretty sure I saw her belly button...from the top... I'm not kidding- every move she made was teetering on the brink of disaster in the neckline region... And suddenly I had this mental image of a short video clip of her running around in pumps all day doing important business things- meetings, presentations, power lunches, etc... while all the time fighting an unending battle to keep a certain part(s) corralled and in place. I got the giggles so bad I had to get up and move so as to avoid accidentally looking at her. Not sure that would fit into your screenplay but the mention of that brought all this roaring back into my head...


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