Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Edit: I know it's Friday but since I started this on Thursday, it still counts. And since this is my blog, I can make the rules. So there. :)

Hello lovelies--

It's Thursday again and due to a gloomy day with terrible weather and boring classes, I feel it is all the more important to think about the things I love.

(1) Peonies - I recently discovered these flowers while shopping for a sympathy bouquet for a friend. When I say "discovered", I mean I saw them in a photo in a florist book since they are not in season. They are only around for a short period in May and June but these lush blooms can be found in delicate shades of white and pink or vibrant hues of red. They make me think of lace and paper hearts, having tea in a delicate china cup, and happy sighs. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present, my new favorite flowers:

(2) This video - What appears to be 12 and a half mindless minutes of architecture footage is a captivating work of art that is made entirely from CG animation. I don't quite understand it all myself but once you grasp that it is 100% animated and not real footage, it will blow your mind. Regardless of how it was made, it is hauntingly beautiful.

(3) Colored pens - Nothing makes taking notes in class more entertaining than using bright, fun colors. It helps me later when I'm studying if I wrote in one color and underlined in another; I know what is especially important. And let's be honest, sometimes changing pen colors is the only thing keeping me awake.

(4) The word 'Magnificent' - I am a huge fan of the English language and all the ways it can be used. As such, I believe everyone should command a robust and luxuriant vocabulary (You see what I did there? 'robust'. 'luxuriant'.) You can instantly add class and style to any conversation by throwing in such an adjective as 'magnificent'. Here's an example:
Boring: "Look at that statue. How neat."
Exciting: "Look at that statue. How magnificent!"
What depth, what keen insight! You're welcome.

(5) Adam Zagajewski - Or rather, his poetry. All of his work is originally written in Polish so I have to read the English translation but it's amazing how beautiful poetry can transcend language. The phrasing and imagery paint such a rich, dynamic scene that if I close my eyes, I can see it. A sampling of his work can be found here. Also check out the poem "Great Ships".

What do you love today?


  1. Your Biggest FanFriday, January 22, 2010

    1. I love it (does it have to be a "thing"? because this is a happening) when my husband calls me at 4 pm and says "let's go out for supper."
    2. Chipotle .... chicken burrito in a bowl with a cheese quesadilla on the side and lemon water to drink.
    3. A clean car: Mike's Express and the shop vac.
    4. Folded laundry. Of all housework chores, laundry is the one I (secretly) don't mind doing ..... don't tell my kids this, though, the ones who do their own.
    5. Texting. It's the perfect way to keep in touch. Short and simple.
    OK that's enough for tonight.
    "til next time! xoxoxo

  2. It's Thurs again...
    I love-
    -being tired at the end of the day
    -split pea soup
    -lots of stuff!


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