Monday, July 28, 2008

Hello from the other end

Well summer is sadly drawing to a close. Too fast, as usual. I move back to Purdue in about 3 weeks but so much will happen between now and then. Currently I'm in Massachusetts visiting my Berwaldt cousins. I'm writing this from the internet cafe at Northeastern University in Boston. I'm hanging out here for the day while Hannah is in class. I tagged along so I could make use of the free Wi-Fi and also so I could roam the streets and take pictures of one of the coolest cities around.

The roaming will take place after I meet Hannah for lunch. Unfortunately I have spent the entire morning responding to emails, mostly school/work stuff. That is the downside of traveling: I do not get to connect to the internet very often! Anyway, it's pretty much all squared away so now I can relax.

So. This summer has turned out completely different than it was supposed to. For one thing, we never went out West, which was terribly disappointing. However, it's been fantastic. I actually got two jobs so I kept busy through May and June. I nannied for the family I've always worked for and met a new family with two little girls. Between the two families, I worked full time. I had a lot of fun though, especially with the new family. The girls and I went everywhere and did everything together. We went to the zoo, the library, the pool, the park, baseball practice, the dentist, McDonald's, mini golf, bowling, I mean EVERYWHERE. All I do for the other family is cooking, laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping so this was a great change.

Both jobs ended on July 11, however, so I had the rest of the summer off. July 12, I packed up and drove to Freedom to visit Nana and Papa and Sam, who's been out there pretty much all summer. I had a nice visit there until the 18th, when I drove to Connecticut for the wedding. IT WAS AMAZING. Everything went perfectly, the music, the speeches, the ceremony, it was all beautiful. Except the heat. It was 95 degrees and insanely humid on top of that so the rehearsal and the ceremony were nearly unbearable. The singing was fine but it was so hot, I had to completely focus on the music so I didn't pass out. Unfortunately, what wedding photos I have seen reflect my state of mind. I look so red and angry, it's amazing I was singing and not shouting at the top of my lungs. I must have furrowed my brow in an effort to concentrate but in doing so I looked like I was furious. All the picture needs is cartoon steam coming out of my ears and it's completely hilarious. For the rest of time, Ariana and Bryan will see that unfortunate pose when they flip through their wedding photos. How awkward for me.

My photogenic qualities aside, it was an amazing weekend. I stuck around until Sunday afternoon, at which point I drove to Schnectady, New York to visit Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary. Amy was at camp all week, unfortunately, so Alan and I were thick as theives. On Monday we swam across the river, nearly died, and swam back. On Tuesday we went to the mall and were chased from store to store by two giggling girls from Alan's fan club. On Wednesday we went to a museum and learned about the history of electricity and then watched the river quickly rise in the torrential rain. Thursday, I left for Massachusetts.

Which brings me to now. Yesterday was the big meeting at Milford, which was great as usual. This week is Milford Convention and then next week I'll head to Freedom. After that, home!

So this hasn't been a really exciting post, more like a catalog of my travels, for which I apologize. With a lot of downtime and no internet, I have been writing a lot more, but nothing entertaining enough to post. Mostly thoughts on the nature of change, my life story and what not. Since I'm only 20, it's not the epic it promises to be, but I'm working on it.
Well Hannah is done with class so I must go. Perhaps I can be more interesting some other time.

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  1. Was good to see you at Freedom - hope all is well! Good luck this semester.

    PS - You've been tagged. Check out my new blog post.


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