Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Once upon a time

Once there was a beautiful princess who went to University in a land far far away from home.

She grew lonely in the vast country, with only her school books to keep her company on the windy nights. She whined on the phone constantly to her dear brother about her loneliness but he ignored her pleas until one day when his computer fell ill with the Bubonic Internet Virus Plague and he was left with nothing to do. He recruited his sister and off they went, into the bright Saturday morn, in their golden chariot made by Saturn (a legacy left to them by the Great Grandpa Carolus).

"Alas," they trumpeted triumphantly, "Fair Maiden we have arrived!" With unshed tears shining in her eyes, the princess ran down the stairs to meet them. Half an hour later, she reached the bottom and greeted them joyously.
"Let us make haste! The day awaits for no man," they shouted. The princess took them on a tour of her fair campus, making frequent stops so her guests could rest their weary bodies. (Hey, I told them they should probably stop after the giant waffles but they had to eat cookies AND try the cappucino machine too.) The tour took them to downtown West Lafayette because the princess forgot that Saturdays are Breakfast Club* days when there's a home game. A ghastly sight awaited all so the princess hurried them back to her tower for a nap. The rest of the day passed in a whirlwind of birthday present shopping for their father, getting lost in town, and general avoidance of the football crowd.
Weary after a long day, they returned home for an early night.

HA. yeah right. They caroused around like the hooligans they are well into the night.

Sadly, the trip must come to an end some time so Sunday afternoon after meeting, the royal siblings got back into the golden chariot and journeyed back to the Fort of Wayne. The princess tearfully waved goodbye and immediately started a count down to Thanksgiving.
The End.
What a good story.
I realize there are squillions of pictures of the Chicago trip left to post but I'm lazy and I'll just post a link to 'em later.
*Breakfast Club is a long-standing Purdue tailgating tradition for home football games where students aged 21 and above dress up in costumes and go to the bars when they open in the morning and get completely smashed before the game even starts. Some people are so gone, they actually forget to go to the game. Which is why there were some entirely drunk people in costume downtown in the middle of the day. It is the uncontested winner of the "The Stupidest Thing I Have Ever Seen A Large Group of My Peers Do Repeatedly and One of the Reasons Why I Am Convinced I Was Born in The Wrong Decade" award. Some consider it to be the best college tailgating tradition in the country. I consider it to be the only thing that makes me not proud to be a Boilermaker.

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